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Abilene Chamber Announces New President

Oct 22, 2015

Doug Peters is the new CEO for the Abilene Chamber of Commerce and while he doesn’t arrive in town for a few more weeks he has already started working for Abilene. 

On his first day of work he reviewed the Chamber’s business plan and focused in on the coming challenges and priorities of his new job. He’s finishing up his last weeks in Fayetteville, North Carolina before moving to west to work in a state that he’s always held in high esteem.

“Texas is a pro-business state which is very important to me,” Peters said. “It is a state that has a very strong track record of attracting new capital investment and jobs. Abilene in particular is one that I've admired since I first learned of the Abilene trophy."

The Abilene Chamber of Commerce presents the Abilene Trophy to military friendly communities including his current city-Fayetteville. Peters said his experience working in other military communities will help him better understand the relationship between Dyess Air Force Base and people in Abilene.  

His role as CEO will involve being a voice for business and improving the livability of Abilene by attracting jobs. If you want to know his exact job duties, the list is long and not so easy to explain.

A lot of people ask him, “Exactly what do you do?”

He replies, "Chambers of Commerce very often do all of those things that most people think just happen."

Peters said he’s excited to get to Abilene and reach out to the 1700 companies that the Chamber represents.