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Hurt updates Abilene on the State of the City

Mayor Hurt presenting
Olivia Cromis
Mayor Hurt presenting Abilene Investments

Abilene Mayor Weldon Hurt gave his first State of the City address Tuesday, in which he shared the accomplishments and goals of Abilene.

The first-term mayor says one thing city administrators are working on is longevity compensation for city employees, to recognize years of service to Abilene, “It’s important to stress the importance of keeping city compensation competitive in today’s labor market and allow the city to attract and obtain top talent and increase motivation and morale and ultimately it maintains cost control by proactively under or overpaying.”

He also updated residents on the Street Maintenance Fund, noting that since 2018, the city has collected nearly $29 million which it has invested in street repairs. Other updates included Abilene’s partnership with the All Kind Animal Initiative, the Rebuild ABI program, the Abilene Fire Department’s new Station 9, as well as continuing developments at the Abilene Zoo.

Mayor Hurt delivered his address from the city’s new Doubletree Hotel, the site of another project brought to fruition in the past year. The city will broadcast the address on Channel 2 in the coming days.  Residents will also be able to find a video of Mayor Hurt’s address on the city’s website, as well as detailed updates from city departments.