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The Answer Guy Explores History Of Word "Drouth"

(Photo by Merinda Bayfield)

Larry Zelisko is a columnist and the content editor at the Abilene Reporter-News. His column, "Larry The Answer Guy," responds to reader-submitted questions on a wide range of topics.

Today a reader asked, "I always hear people pronounce "drought" as "drouth." Are there two separate words that mean the same thing?"

"Some of the regional dictionaries say it is a term that is heard mainly in the south and mainly among older people," Zelisko said.

To read Larry's full answer to the question see his column.

"One of the best books about a drought is "The Time It Never Rained," by Elmer Kelton. In that he spells it "drouth" throughout the story. He should know, he's a West Texan, he was a farm editor for San Angelo and he wrote many stories about the drouth or drought of the fifties."