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Adult Coloring Books Gaining Popularity In Abilene

"Secret Garden" by Johann Basford.

A lot of people enjoyed coloring as a kid but just like other fun activities in childhood, the habit wore off. Now it’s making a comeback for adults. You can find a large variety of adult coloring books in craft stores and major booksellers.  Adult coloring books are either intricate or simple. Ann Mount has both types.

“The detailed pages may take me like weeks to finish but one of the simpler ones will take me maybe an afternoon,” Mount said.  “It’s just whatever I’m in the mood for.”

Mount works in Information Services at the Abilene Public Library, she’s starting a new coloring club for adults. It’s okay to bring kids too, but the club is designed for adults to have some “me time.”

Mount said coloring during her lunch hour clears her mind but she also sees it as a creative outlet.

“I don’t have the artistic talent to draw very well but anyone can color,” Mount said.

Amanda Pittman also said anyone can color. From her desk at work she can clearly see the conference room where adult coloring books and matte pencils are kept for co-workers to use.

“It’s funny to see the different types of people who pick it up and start coloring, men, women, all ages, students,” Pittman said.

She works in the marketing department at Abilene Christian University.  Coloring helps her focus during a conference call or a long meeting. She forgets about checking her phone, she won’t slip into a daydream either because her hands are occupied while her ears are focused.

“I’ve enjoyed doing it like during church, as opposed to like taking notes,” Pittman said. “It’s also something that’s just like really calming but it can help you focus.”

Pittman can see the appeal of gathering with other adults for a coloring night like the one offered at the library. The new club meets at 6:30p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the library’s main branch.