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Local leaders honor Cesar Chavez, renaming Sears Recreation Center in his honor

Shelly Womack
JoAnne Campos-Tolentino accepts a plaque from the Hispanic Leadership Council honoring her mother.

Mayor Anthony Williams declared March 31st as Cesar Chavez day. Chavez was born March 31st in Arizona and became the second American of mixed-race to receive the presidential medal of freedom for his commitment to non-violence. "Chavez adhered to the principle of non-violence practice by Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King JR. In 1965 Cesar conducted 25 fasts to reaffirm the UFW's commitment to non-violence,” the mayor told the crowd who had gathered for the renaming of the Sears Recreation Center to the Cesar Chavez Recreation Center.

The Hispanic Leadership Council also honored Ovelia Campos for her service to the Abilene Community. Campos was a founding member of the Hispanic Leadership Council and founded the Sears Revitalization Committee. And Sammy Garcia says she is known for her compassion and friendliness, "We finally get to say thank you OB, thank you for being that friend, that family member, that person who would give anything she could for her community, for her family, and at the end, her granddaughters and her daughter and her son in law."

The Cesar Chavez Recreation Center will feature a picture and plaque to honor her contributions to the Abilene community.

Shelly Womack
The newly renamed Cesar Chavez Recreation Center will feature a photo of Olevlia Campos.