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Abilene Philharmonic brings audiences "Home for the Holidays"

Vocalists joined the Abilene Philharmonic at Saturday’s Home for the Holidays concert. The Abilene Philharmonic, along with the Abilene Chambers Singers and soloists Niki Scalera and Sam Cook brought Christmas cheer to Abilene with a live performance of holiday classics.

Broadway star Niki Scalera traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada to perform in the Big Country.

“Home for the Holidays” was the Abilene Philharmonic’s 72nd annual Christmas concert, and Ruth Lambert Jackson has been to almost all of them. Jackson says she has tried to attend every one of the orchestra’s concerts over the 70 years that she has lived in Abilene, “Their presentation, their music and all, it’s just wonderful. I love it.”

For other opportunities to hear live music throughout the Christmas season, visit Abilenedowntown.com