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Abilene Police Academy celebrates 60th graduation of cadets

The Abilene police department celebrated its 60th graduating academy class and newly certified telecommunicators.

The nine cadets completed more than eleven-hundred hours of training within 29 weeks, and are now sworn in as licensed peace officers.

Communication Manager Becky Mackiewics says she looks forward to what the new recruits will bring to APD. "Graduates, each of you have shown that you are ready to do this hard work with us. Rely on each other, rely on your training and on your fellow telecommunicators. I look forward to the coming years to see you grow in your careers and contribute positively to the future of this department. Congratulations graduates."

Class spokesman Joshua Tauer, shared a heartfelt message for APD’s graduates. "We thrive in the darkness, but never succumb to the darkness. We are a glimmer of hope for the hopeless, a star in the abyss of black. The nightmare of evil that wears the armor of the almighty. We are servers of justice and the keepers of peace. We are the blue, the shield. We are the Abilene Police Department. Class 60 is honored to join the ranks among the best in the state of Texas."

The graduating class received a standing ovation after they were announced as police officers for the Abilene Police Department.