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Statewide candidates ask local Democrats for support

Democratic candidates Steve Keough (left), and Bill Birch (right).
Democratic candidates Steve Keough (left), and Bill Birch (right).

Last night, the Taylor County Democratic Party introduced two candidates for statewide office to local voters.

Steve Keough aims to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, and Bill Burch has his eye set on the Texas Railroad Commission. Burch described his oil and gas industry background and commitment to conservation, “There is a difference between environmentalism and conservationism. Conservatism is, and by its definition balancing the environmental stewardship with the needs of mankind's growth and expansion.” Burch also pledged to enhance the safety and transparency of the Texas Energy system if elected.

Steve Keough focused his comments on immigration, healthcare, and the economy. In a crowded field of 12 candidates fighting for the democratic bid to unseat Ted Cruz, Keough told the small audience that he is the best choice for the job, “I have the longest record of public service to the United States of any competitor in this race including Ted Cruz, and ultimately the question for voters is, in the primary, who can beat Ted Cruz?.”

Texas Democrats will chose their candidates in the primary on March 5, 2024. The general election will occur on November 5, 2024.