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Floyd Miller

  • Dr. Michael Herbert is a professional licensed pastoral counselor with a bachelor of arts, master of ministries, doctorate of theology, and doctorate of philosophy in clinical Christian psychology and doctorate of philosophy in clinical Christian counseling. He wrote the book What Makes Love True? I believe this interview and the book he wrote could be helpful to improving relationships in marriage or dating.
  • Kristi Newton and Deborah Williams formed a powerful friendship after the murder of George Floyd. Kristi Newton, a white woman and Deborah Williams a black woman meet for the first time at the MLK Bridge. Newton was compelled to act as she watched George Floyd be choked to death by a police officer as he cried for his mother. Newton and Williams formed Abilene Restorative Community Circle which focuses on bringing people together and fostering positive outcomes.
  • Abilene's Alisha Taylor has produced a documentary exploring the Black History being preserved at the Curtis House Cultural Center. Taylor, who attended the Abilene Independent School District and graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Musical Theater, is an actress, director, and owner of Taylor Made Studios.
  • Since 1983, Pregnancy Resources of Abilene has served approximately 60,000 women and their families by providing pregnancy testing, material support and community referrals. In 2004, the organization added ultrasound exams to free services already offered. “Learning 4 Life” education program was launched in 2011, and a Licensed Professional Counselor was added in 2017. Holly Joiner is the executive director of Pregnancy Resources of Abilene. She says the center became a resource for Reproductive Grief Care by providing training and resources to the professional community, and adding in-house grief services for clients. They also offer pregnancy option consultation, pre-natal consultation and education, practical needs assessment, baby supplies, abuse screening, post-partum depression screening and intervention, spiritual support, and peri-natal hospice.
  • As a Certified Professional Organizer, JN Purnell LLC formed Adorn Your Space in 2021 to provide quality and professional organizing services to Abilene, TX and surrounding areas for residential and business entities. "Organization is something that has always come natural to me. I work well in spaces, both physical and virtual, that have some type of functional order that is efficient to me," Jamie Purnell says life as a military spouse has also helped her develop her skills. "With two small children, and 2 high-energy boxers, things in my space can get very hectic, very quickly. However, because cluttered space often leads to a cluttered mind, I find myself resetting my home nightly as a way to realign my order and my inner peace."
  • This is an interview that goes indepth about the things that have shaped Mayor Williams and his thought process. Mayor Williams talks about not having a father in the home and the pivotal role that other men played in his life. Williams talks a little about what the future may look like for him.
  • Kat as everyone calls her is an adventurous lady. She is the mother of chickens, a certified NRA Instructor, a chess player and a cigar smoking nurse. You just have to listen to the podcast to see what she's up to. She is serious about living life and trying many things. If you have been saying that you ought to do something perhaps this podcast will motivate you.
  • This interviews looks at the lives of African Americans in the 1930's that helped shape Abilene. It touches on the success they enjoyed and also some of the challenges. Penns is hoping that the Curtis House Cultural Center can be a tool that unites the community.This interview really is an invitation for you to go to the Curtis House and actually feel and to see what the life of a black person was like in Abilene.