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Faith & Science (Part 2): Creation

In our last episode, we talked about evolution with two scientists who are also Christians. We learned about the physical evidence that supports the idea of life evolving on earth over billions of years. We heard their perspectives on accepting science while believing God created the origins of our universe and the creative processes that resulted in life as we know it today.

For some, this challenges their reading of the creation story in the Bible. This issue of evolution and creation at least looking like their incompatible at first glance, has led some to doubt whether there is a God at all or do the opposite and doubt what the science says. For others, there is less of a divide or conflict here.

Today, we'll take a closer look at the text of the first chapter of Genesis. What can we learn from the original language and the ancient culture of the time of its writing?

Nathan Gibbs is the general manager of KACU. He is also the director of operations for the school's television production studio, as well as an assistant professor in the journalism and mass communication department of Abilene Christian University.
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