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It's Everything West Texas
It's Everything West Texas

The podcast about everything and everyone in West Texas.

Latest Episodes
  • Under the skilled guidance of pitmaster extraordinaire William Crane, Crane's Craft BBQ introduces a new chapter to the Wagon Wheel's legacy. William, with a deep appreciation for Central Texas flavors and a commitment to preserving the essence of barbecue traditions, has crafted a menu that tantalizes the taste buds.From slow-smoked brisket to mouthwatering ribs, the culinary offerings showcase the artistry of barbecue in every bite. Opening its doors in March 2024, Crane's Craft BBQ proudly stands as a veteran-owned and operated establishment, embodying the spirit of resilience and dedication.
  • Henry Flint is a man that talks openly about God probably more than anyone else I know in Abilene. It's always praise the Lord or some phrase similar to that. He is the founder of KVVO 94.1 Abilene's One and Only Black Gospel Station.At one time Flint would have been one of the least likely people to find a Gospel station. God and the gospel were far from his mind.Flint who grew up in the segregated racist south in the state of Georgia wanted nothing to do with God or Georgia. He said that he was "about ready to blow Georgia up". He said his mother encouraged him to leave.
  • Amber Monroe, is the artist and creator of a coloring book that celebrates the beauty of diversity, body positivity, and the unique features of African-American women. Each page is a representation of the unique beauty found in shared experiences as diverse women. From the intricately drawn hairstyles to the carefully crafted features and nuances, to the inspiring affirmations, her intentions were to showcase the immense versatility and richness that lies within each person.
  • Church members and friends over the years have been asking me to pull together some of the prayers that I’ve been led to write and pray during worship services, Wednesday night dinners, Bible studies, and other times when God’s people have gathered. I confess that I questioned how seriously to take this request. Would people really be interested in reading a book of prayers? Would it be presumptuous to share my prayers as if anyone needs words other than their own to pray?My hope is that this collection will prompt you to reflect on your own journey, and by so doing, you’ll recognize, or be reminded, of God’s invisible footsteps alongside your own as you continue the journey. I also hope that the next time it occurs to you to pray, you will imagine God tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Talk to me,” and you’ll consider this your invitation to pray.
  • Calvin Davis, district director of the Small Business Administration discusses how the Small Business Administration (SBA) works. If you are in business or thinking about starting a business this podcast could be beneficial. Calvin tells the story of his mother, she did not own a business but she did have a strong belief in God and herself.
  • Floyd Miller visited with Kay Berry along with Beverly and Lou Voit about Doug Montgomery performing at The Paramount to benefit The Abilene Woman Club, Inc.The event is Thursday, November 2nd starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets may be purchased online or by calling the Paramount. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.
  • Is there someone you need to forgive and you know it, but yet you have not followed through? Have you ever heard someone talk about a hurt from 50 years ago, and it sounds like something that just happened yesterday? They just don't seem able to let it go.Dr. Gray who is not a neuroscientist but has done some research in neuroscience believes that he has isolated a part of the problem. Dr. Gray takes us on a journey that's easy for the average person to understand. He gets rid of the big words and lays out an amazing story.
  • Dee Moore, president of the Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce recently attended (TAAACC) Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce Convention in Pflugerville, Texas. She discusses what's happening on the local level as well as the state and national level as far as black chambers are concerned. Apart from that discussion is the Business Navigator Program which is administered by the (SBA) Small Business Administration.
  • This interview with Mr. Robin Calloway Walls is very similar to a conversation that you might have with a friend or neighbor sitting on the back porch or at a coffee shop. It covers several subjects but the theme always centers around positive ideas and solutions. An amazing conversation with a man that used to spend a lot of time "in the streets".Mr. Wall's focus at this time is developing 11 acres of land that he owns in the Pasadena Heights Community. He plans to have 55-plus affordable houses on that property.