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Abilene Upgrades Water Meters

Sep 10, 2019

The City of Abilene Water Utilities Department has begun swapping old water meters to new ones as part of the Advanced Water Metering Infrastructure project.  Each meter replacement takes between ten to 30 minutes and will be completed during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Each district will be replaced one at a time.  

Water Utilities Public Information Coordinator Amanda Pope recommends residents check for schedule and other information on the city's website,  "There's a lot of really good information on the website, along with a what to expect video, which will take residents through, beginning to end, what the process entails." Pope said.

The work will be completed in partnership with Pedal Valves Incorporated and customers can expect to see their logo on uniforms or vehicles along with City of Abilene supervisors.  Installers will not need to enter residences to complete the meter exchange.  But service will be interrupted during the process.