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Local Refugee Community Anticipates Changes Under Biden Administration

Jan 27, 2021

Some of the first actions President Biden took after his inauguration were aimed at reversing the course President Trump had set on immigration.  He halted work on the border wall, lifted a ban on travel from Muslim countries, and restored DACA, a program President Obama initiated.  But refugees are still waiting for action on their behalf.  Refugees apply for entry into the U.S. seeking escape from war, persecution, or personal threats in their home countries.  President Trump had lowered the maximum number of refugees that would be accepted by the U.S. to a historic low of just 15,000  for this year.  President Biden has said he’d like to increase the cap on refugees to 125,000.  But it will take time.  

KACU’s Heather Claborn spoke with Susanna Lubanga, director of the Abilene office of the International Rescue Committee.  They started by looking back at the history of refugee resettlement in America.