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NCCIL Spotlights Yuyi Morales, Award-Winning Author of "Dreamers"

5 hours ago

This week the National Center for Illustrated Literature will open its first exhibit highlighting the work of a Spanish-language author.  Organizers hope it is the first of many events to come that will reach out to Abilene's Spanish-speaking community, and that English speakers will also come to learn about the author and her writing, as much of it is bilingual.

Yuyi Morales is the award winning author of the children’s book, “Dreamers.”  The book depicts her journey to the U.S. Morales blends Mexican folkloric art with her personal struggles and fears.   November 14th the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature will be opening Yuyi Morales’ featured exhibition of her art work this Thursday, November 14th.

Check out NCCIL online for more information about this event and their ongoing exhibits.