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When her father got hurt, a 15-year-old Indian girl used their last $20 to buy a rickety, hot pink bicycle, and pedaled him more than 700 miles to their home village across India – in a heroic, life-saving ride while under coronavirus lockdown.

The story of Jyoti Kumari's epic bike ride has made her a media celebrity, prompted praise from Ivanka Trump – and launched a debate about whether the real story is the fact that the teenager felt she had no other way to get her father to safety.

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After three days of destruction and violence, officials in Chicago have vowed to aggressively prosecute looters.

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One week after the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis, Minn., police, demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism continued across the United States. Many cities imposed curfews and President Trump again warned he would order active duty military forces to restore order if state and local governments, in his judgement, failed to do so.

Here are details of some protests around the country.

St. Louis, Mo.

What We're Reading About The Past Week Of Protests

3 hours ago

If you've been trying to keep up with news about the nationwide protests against police brutality, the stream of stories can be overwhelming. In the days following George Floyd's homicide at the hands of Minneapolis police, reporters have been covering the protests in more than 140 cities across the country, trying to make sense of this tumultuous moment.

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President Trump, in a conference call Monday with the nation's governors, threatened to deploy the U.S. military to restore order unless states hit by days of unrest "put down" violent demonstrations, urging leaders to "dominate" lawbreakers or risk looking like "a bunch of jerks."


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