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KACU Community Advisory Board

KACU Community Advisory Board

The purpose of the KACU Community Advisory Board is to engage community leaders to spread the mission of KACU while gaining insight and expertise from on both external and internal issues. The board meetings are held throughout the year and are open to the public. Contact KACU for information on the next CAB meeting.

Current KACU Community Board Members

  • Nancy Kucinski, President
  • Josh Ammons
  • Stan Chapman
  • Samuel Cook
  • Chris Cummings
  • Leland Harden
  • Ralph Heaven
  • Daniel Garcia
  • Martha Kiel
  • Jerry Love
  • Mishi Mathur
  • Marc Orner
  • Corey Patterson
  • Mark Spurlock
  • Akane Thaxton
  • Robert Tucker

The KACU Community Advisory Board operates under specific bylaws.