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Texas has highest uninsured rate, ACA enrollment for January coverage ends soon

Dana Glover
Hendrick Health Systems offers help with enrollment for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act

The deadline to enroll for Affordable Care Act coverage starting January 1st of 2023 is December 15th. The open enrollment deadline is January 15th.

Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation, right at 18%, according to 2021 census data. And Taylor County is not far behind, with an uninsured rate of just about 17%.

Norma Benavidez, financial assistance counselor at Hendrick Health Systems, recommends anyone enrolling for 2023 coverage to reach out to either local health systems or the Marketplace customer service line for guidance on enrollment, “It’s very helpful to have someone navigate the system with you because it can be very confusing. There’s so much information to take in that it can be mind-boggling if you don’t have someone close to you that can help you understand it.”

Benavidez says in the past, the Affordable Care Act has been geared toward those who are unemployed and do not have access to employer-based insurance. This year, there are plans extended to people who do have employer-based insurance, but can’t afford coverage for their spouse or children.

The system automatically keeps those enrolled in a Marketplace plan - in the same plan for next year unless they initiate a change.

To schedule an appointment with Hendrick for help on enrollment, visit Hendrick’s website.