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City asks residents to help pick rebuild design for Sears Park

The Abilene Parks and Recreation department held a community meeting last night to discuss plans to rebuild Sears Park playground. After suspicious fires, officials roped off the playground for safety. The Abilene Parks department wanted the community’s help at the meeting to choose a new playground design. Community members checked out different designs taped to the walls at Cesar Chavez Recreation Center. Each person received three stickers to place on their favorite designs.

Leslie Andrews, the director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Abilene, and David Pittman, the Chairman of the Abilene Parks and Recreation department took comments. Many community members expressed frustrations over what they see as unfulfilled promises, “They get very frustrated and they go, 'why am I gonna show up? Nothing’s gonna get done?’” One community member told the parks district members. “Because they get ignored,” another community member interjected. "They leave the Hispanics behind like we’re step children,” the first commenter finished her thought.

Andrews told the group that officials may decide on the design as early as this week, and that they expect the playground to be completed within a year of the purchase date.