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Confessions of a Female Pastor, an Interview with Janice Six

Church members and friends over the years have been asking me to pull together some of the prayers that I’ve been led to write and pray during worship services, Wednesday night dinners, Bible studies, and other times when God’s people have gathered. I confess that I questioned how seriously to take this request. Would people really be interested in reading a book of prayers? Would it be presumptuous to share my prayers as if anyone needs words other than their own to pray?

My hope is that this collection will prompt you to reflect on your own journey, and by so doing, you’ll recognize, or be reminded, of God’s invisible footsteps alongside your own as you continue the journey. I also hope that the next time it occurs to you to pray, you will imagine God tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Talk to me,” and you’ll consider this your invitation to pray.

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