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Texas Midwest Jones County Bluebonnet Detention Facility

Bluebonnet Nearly Ready To Accept ICE Detainees

3 hours ago
Hannah Stedman / KACU

After sitting empty for 10 years, the Bluebonnet Prison in Anson will soon begin receiving individuals detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

The facility, originally planned to only hold men, will now hold men and women. But officials say no families or children will be housed in Anson, because there are separate living spaces for each gender. Most of the 25 living spaces will be for men, but a section has been set aside to house 72 women. 

Heather Claborn / KACU

For nearly a decade, a brand-new, $35 million prison has sat empty in the north Texas town of Anson. The Bluebonnet Detention Facility was built after the state of Texas told Jones County officials they would love to have a new prison located there. Then, those same Texas officials changed their minds. Now, the nation’s immigration crisis may prove a windfall for Anson as federal officials work to create more space for the rising number of unauthorized immigrants detained in the United States.

Heather Claborn / KACU

Jones County Commissioners are considering an offer from ICE to put immigrant detainees in cells. 

Right now the Texas/Midwest Jones County “Bluebonnet” Detention Facility has a thick layer of dust on the brand new desks, chairs and structures added to cells a decade ago.